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Installing the Most Advanced Leadership O.S. - Meaningfulness

Counselling Leaders For Greater Meaning

From the Desk of:

B.Arch M.A. M.Ed M.Bus
Leadership Counsellor


To: Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Influencers


When It’s All Said and Done, the Leader Who Inspires a Greater Meaning Influences Most Profoundly. They Stand to Build a Lasting Legacy for the Long Term.

After All, In Today’s Transparent, Competitive Global Marketplace Products, Content and Services Can (and Will) Sooner Or Later Be Copied.

But What Can’t Be Copied So Easily, Is the Sense of Meaning and Purpose Which Is At the Heart Of a Great Organization and Institute – Which Is What All Great Leaders Create.

It’s From the Meaning That a Specific Culture Holds, That Then Flows a Constant Stream of …

INSPIRED INNOVATIONS, INSPIRED CONTENT AND INSPIRED SERVICES (The Commonly Agreed Upon Basis For All ‘Competitive Advantage’ and How to Build a Legacy That Lasts)

As Leader, the Question Before You Is, Whether You Will Embrace This Truth and Learn How to Put This Into Continual Practice… Or Whether You’ll Ignore This First Principle, and Get Buried in Meaningless Data, Tidbit Hacks and Shinny New Objects.

For In the 21st Century, Amidst Instant, On Demand Information, The Issue of Meaning Is Dividing People Across All Levels of Society, Like Never Before:

> On One Hand, There Are the People Who Are Now Empowered Like Never Before, To Continually Learn New Skills, Gain More Insights – As To Create New Enterprises, To Express Untapped Potentialities, and To Live Out ‘Impossible Dreams’…

> And On the Other Hand, There Is the Multitude Who Are ‘Amusing Themselves to Death’ – Tapped in the Land Of Porn, the Land of Gaming, the Land of Social Media… the Real Life ‘Matrix’.

Like Never Before In History, Leaders Must Help to Answer This Question For Themselves and Those They Lead:

Will We Drown In More Information and Become Even More Distracted, More Disconnected, and More Disintegrated?

Will We Let Ourselves and Those We Care About to Get Dumber and Dumber,
Amidst a Brave New World Of Ever Smarter

Or Will We Choose To Become Much MORE, By Choosing a Pursuit of Greater Meaning (and Not Mere Entertainment) And Flourish Like Never Before?

Peter Drucker, (the Most Influential Management Thinker of the 20th Century), Once Made the Observation That In Life, We Have Two Paths Available for Self-Improvement – Whether in Life, in Leadership, or in Love:

  1. We Can Choose to Minimize Our Weaknesses.
  2. Or We can Choose to Maximize Our Strengths.

Most of Us Have a Primary Choice At Play, Whether We Are Aware of This Fact or Not. But All These Paths Are Not Created Equal…

One Path Leads to ‘Well-Roundedness’, and a Conformity to the Norm. The Other, Leads to Sharpness of Soul, and World-Class Excellence.

Most People, Choose the First Path, the Path of ‘Blending In’ with the Norm…

But All the Great Leaders, Choose the Later, the Path That Sets Forth the Norm.

The Center For Meaningful Leadership Is For This Second Type of Person.

Our Vision

Center for Meaningful Leadership Is a Unique Leadership Counselling Organization That Supports Leaders, Content Creators and Entrepreneurs, to Unleash the Power of a Meaningful Mission, Within and Without.

Our mission being:

To Counsel Leaders to Greater Meaning

For like with software, it’s the leadership that forms the Operational System of an organization. It is upon this O.S., that all other functional pieces of ‘business software’ then rest upon. (Marketing, operations, customer fulfillment, innovation and so on – these are but the ‘apps’, which rest upon a specific platform, or a mode of ‘leadership O.S.’)

Like with a computer, it’s the leadership O.S. that connects people together, and the strategic ‘functional apps’ at play. And what kind of apps, how these apps function and integrate with one another, (or if they even run at all) – this fundamentally depends upon which leadership O.S. is installed.

In our philosophy, (which has been argued for by countless classic philosophers ever since Plato, Socrates or Aristotle, and has been confirmed by any number of modern researchers from Burns, Drucker or Covey) –  there are essentially just four major versions of leadership systems…

In line with our leadership O.S. metaphor, we call these leadership modes – version 1.0, version 2.0, version 3.0 and version 4.0.

Most businesses today operate on platforms 2.0 or v2.1. The most effective of organizations however, run on 3.0 and above.

This is where we come in…

We’re here to support leaders to install the higher versions of leadership O.S. – from where engagement, enrollment, and excellence abounds. That is, the versions of leadership grounded upon a higher meaning about life and human dynamics.

While most other leadership training and development companies, ‘hack at the leaves of the problem’ and upgrade leadership practices with minor hacks and patches, our mission is to support with the installation of ‘major upgrades’.

This is by no means easy and there are no ‘cookie cutter’ approaches either.

That is why we start with the foundations of iLeadership Forum or the iReawaken Experience,  where we lay out the essential first principles.

From there, leaders can take on more advanced solutions with us, like undertaking their own ‘Self-Actualization Quest‘ for greater meaning, or to attend our regular AQMEETS.

That’s because meaning is personal and unique to the individual. It’s an intimate relationship with a transcendental order.

But it’s only from here where one can foster one’s authentic voice, vision and virtues.

We’re here as a friend on this journey.

Center for Meaningful Leadership is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is led by John Angheli – whose mission is to inspire leaders to reach for greater meaning, and to rebuild the aims of the good society.

Our work is underpinned by three essential values:


[ORIGIN French integrite or Latin integritas intact, formed as + to touch.]

1. The condition of having no part or element taken away or lacking; undivided state; completeness

2. The condition of not being marred or violated; unimpaired or uncorrupted condition; original state; soundness

3. Freedom from moral corruption; innocence, simpleness; Soundness of moral principle; the character of uncorrupted virtue; uprightness, honesty, sincerity.


[ORIGIN Greek automania, from autonomous having its own laws, from AUTO + nomos law]

1. The right or condition of self-government of self, of community, of institution

2. Freedom of the will

3. Independence, freedom from external control or control; personal liberty.


[ORIGIN Old French magnanimite from Latin magnanimitas great + mind]

1. Well-founded high regard for oneself manifesting as generosity of spirit and equanimity in the face of trouble etc; loftiness of thought or purpose; nobility of design or ambition

2. Great courage; fortitude

3. Superiority to petty resentments or jealousy; generous disregard of slights

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